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Walking the Emmaus Road with the Risen Lord,
Pastor Thomas Trapp

Past Newsletter Articles

On the Offense, On the Defense
God's Word or Human Babble?
Doing Your Exercises?
How's the Family?
About Those Who Have Died?
Sleepwalking, Daydreaming, and Really Living
Holy Ramblings!
Round Two!
The Lord's Day - What does this mean?
Hold Fast to the Traditions!
Do Not Be Weary in Doing What Is Right!
Under Construction!

By Faith Alone - Faith without Works Is Dead - Which Is It?
An Eye on the Future! An Eye on the Present!
What's It All About?!
Cursed and Blessed
God's Will
Spirit, Son, Father!
Spiritual Advisors
Faith Working Through Love
Passionate Living!
Weary in well-doing?
A New Creation!
Getting Started, Again!

What's in a Name?
What Is a Gospel? What Is the Gospel?
Being About the Work of the Lord
How Unfair of God!
Our Father!
Sin and Grace
Have You Been Healed?
Where Is the Problem?
Search the Scriptures!
Who Is This Man?
Promises, Not Vows!
On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand!

The Church - in Christ
The Eyes of Your Heart Enlightened!
The Biggie!
So Then.... So What?
It’s a Mystery!
Praise God – the Whole Year Through!
“One…Each One”
Hardhearted-Tenderhearted! Daily Heart Surgery Needed!
Jesus Says: Do as I Have Done!
Subject to None, Subject to All
Daily Living in Community
Finally! The Fulness of Time!

They Glorified God because of Me!
Important to Whom?
Christ Lives in Me!
Justified by Faith, not Works!
Are you in my Will?
Until We Grow Up? (We ARE Grown Up - IN CHRIST!)
What Was Paul's Problem?
On the One Hand, On the Other Hand!
Faith Working Through Love!
Works and Fruits
Harvest Time!
A New Creation!

What"s the News?
Born Anew!
As Newborn Babies!
New Rock-Solid Foundation, Guaranteed by the Word
New Way to Work and Serve!
A New Way to Be Husband and Wife
New Orders
New Passion
New Challenges
New Community Guidance
Grace and Peace!

Our Mission
“Christian” Love
For the Joy!
One Grave Is Empty!
Luther’s Explanation of the Apostles’ Creed
The Triune God and God’s Family at Emmaus
Who Is My Neighbor?
The Lord Is My Shepherd!
Evangelism and Education
Redeemed, Restored, Forgiven
I Promise
Shepherd to Lost Sheep (Jesus to Us)

Blessed Epiphany!
Being a Mission Outpost!
Jesus Has Questions!
How Could This Good Man Die? Why Did He Die?
Not With Gold or Silver
Happy Birthday!
Oh, Freedom!
I've Been Working on the Railroad
Being Spiritual vs. Being Christian
What You See and What You Get!
The Lord of Hosts is With Us
In God’s Hands

A Blessed New year
One Body of Believers! Gathered by the Spirit!
I Do Not Have Any Problems!
Our Savior and Our Lord!
Easter and The Church
Extreme Makeovers-House Edition
What has God done for me lately?
Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail!
Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Ends of the Earth
The End of Time
Come Lord Jesus